Fluen: Leo Kern Shrimp ”Variant”


Hook: Gamakatsu G Code F 314 size 4
Thread: Uno Mono Clear
Tail/tag: Red SLF dubbing
Head: dubbing SLF Olive green
Rib: 0.20 mm nylon
Dubbing: SLF, sand, tan and/or other light dubbings
Eyes: Burned monofilament, painted and finished with epoxy
Antennas: Two stripped grizzle hackle stems and clear, thin rubber legs
Legs: Four pairs of clear, flexy legs marked with a black pen. See comments for more info
Back: Tan/Light sand EP fiber
Tail: Two clear flexi legs, turned

Binder: Leif Lumby Henriksen
Sted: Ækvator Sport
Dato: 06-10-2014